Blockchain-based secure, fast and anonymous transactions

Thalos is not about creating yet another digital currency. It is the mindset and concepts that represent the first small step to regain the power over ourselves in order to live peacefully and prosper.

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Thalos Wallet

Why Thalos?

Fresh Codebase

Not just a Bitcoin clone! Written from the ground up in c++.

Privacy by default

Benefit from Thalos enhanced privacy on every transaction; thanks to Ring signatures!

Encrypted Amounts

Encrypted transaction amounts prevent from beeing traced by the amount that has been sent.

Dynamic Blocksize

Transactions are fast and inexpensive. There is no arbitrary cap on transaction sizes.

View Key Auditing

Dual key systems allow you to authorized other computers or individuals to view your incoming transactions without risk.

ASIC Resistance

Using the CryptoNight algorythm makes Thalos mining resistant to ASIC mining.

Light wallets

No need to run a full node in order to use our wallets.